• Adam Duke


    Adam's professional roots are in the enterprise world, working for such companies as Oracle, and Infor Global Solutions. Recently he has made a push into the startup and mobile worlds because of his passion for delivering value straight to end users.

  • Stefan Natchev


    Stefan has been a software contractor for small businesses and startups for the last 6 years. He works closely with founders and stakeholders to shape an idea into a finished product and service. His technical strengths are in server-side architecture.

  • Web Applications

    We build web applications large and small to support clients in a variety of industries, using the latest web technologies.

  • Mobile Applications

    We are technology junkies and have been working with the iOS and Android platforms from the beginning.

  • Consulting

    We can help you with your latest project, show your team the coolest new tools, or guide you in implementing your own agile process.